Your opinions matter!

Just so you know folks, you are most welcome to submit your reviews and ratings of local rock bands at Stonerobixxx. This includes both conventional and unconventional music-makers, along with vocals and instrumentals. Although we wouldn’t be posting your reviews directly, we have a structured process of moderation. Prior to posting, we shall let you know what’s on your mind and how we could work it out. It is basically on first-send, first-post basis; so once we have our glasses full, we’d go about streamlining your reviews in our blog posts and think pieces.

Do you get credit for them? Of course you do, but as far as any payments are concerned, we’re sorry, we do not pay for reviews, and neither do we accept reviews that have been paid for. That’s exactly why so many music lovers tune frequent the Stonerobixxx website to get in sync with the latest updates, unearth rising talent and know of the best bands in their vicinity. Online platforms have provided a level playing field for most artists today, as opposed to the nepotism that used to exist earlier. So all we’re doing is doing our bit to add on to this free and fair platform of technology, innovation and sheer goodness.