All the way from Ottawa, to knock you off your senses…Electric Ruin is here!

For mind-boggling party music ranging from EDM to Disco, the rise of Electric Ruin is quite recent. But they have brought forth some really head-turning music in the last 4 years of climbing up the charts. This talented band has gradually risen in popularity and talent, bringing a unique fusion of Psych and Stoner Rock Riffs to the plate. All the more, the intense psych jam will make you want to go head banging, although we strongly suggest that you don’t, particularly for various health complications and potential claims that could arise from our insurance policy that could be associated with it. Remember the time I had to claim on my scooter insurance policy at One Sure? Yeah. Horrendous. Don’t do it.

As far as user reviews are concerned, the popular mandate is that ‘Yawning Gods’ is their best piece of work so far. Their first self-titled EP has created ripples, and we for one, find great potential in them, what with the super-neat vocals and the one-stretch full length recording which is getting to be rare in this day and age.

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