More spook with Hallows Eve….

Hallows Eve can most certainly be termed as the Holy Grail for Thrash Metal Lovers. Often happening in the deep covenant of the Outer Banks in hidden secrecy, it’s a paradise that many of us will never experience. And the list doesn’t end here. This Atlanta-based heavy metal band has an illustrious history and gigantic fan following dating all the way back to 1983. Yes, this is amongst the oldest bands I’ve reviewed on the website. Their tryst with the deep, dark recess of horror began with ‘Tales of Terror’ in 1985 and the very next year, they came out with ‘Death and Insanity’.

Slowly and steadily, they gained their much-deserved stronghold in this genre, and started churning out haunting vocals . It has definitely been a daunting journey for them so far, and to give credit where due, they happen to be amongst the few bands that have stuck together amidst all odds. From being newcomers to the genre, to becoming the popular worldwide cult band in the same realm of thrash metal, they have set a fleeting example for new entrants in the field. And of course, their hysterical fan following speaks volumes!

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