More spook with Hallows Eve….

Hallows Eve can most certainly be termed as the Holy Grail for Thrash Metal Lovers. Often happening in the deep covenant of the Outer Banks in hidden secrecy, it’s a paradise that many of us will never experience. And the list doesn’t end here. This Atlanta-based heavy metal band has an illustrious history and gigantic fan following dating all the way back to 1983. Yes, this is amongst the oldest bands I’ve reviewed on the website. Their tryst with the deep, dark recess of horror began with ‘Tales of Terror’ in 1985 and the very next year, they came out with ‘Death and Insanity’.

Slowly and steadily, they gained their much-deserved stronghold in this genre, and started churning out haunting vocals . It has definitely been a daunting journey for them so far, and to give credit where due, they happen to be amongst the few bands that have stuck together amidst all odds. From being newcomers to the genre, to becoming the popular worldwide cult band in the same realm of thrash metal, they have set a fleeting example for new entrants in the field. And of course, their hysterical fan following speaks volumes!

When the Blood Ceremony shakes up your insides!

Oh yes, this is not some band that you might want to dismiss! The fain-hearted should probably not opt for tuning into the Blood Ceremony videos because the ultra-spooky visuals would leave you horrified for sure. And it’s not just mindless bloodshed or regular ghosts that we’re talking about here. Their vocals, music, beats and videos almost take you into an alternate domain, wrought by deep, dark secrets, sorcerers and the dungeon on black magic. Yes that’s blood ceremony for you! If we speak technically, we can probably speak of this in terms of witch rock, with generous helpings of flute music. Now that’s a weird but enticing combination and we’re absolutely game for it. Their first album in 2008 was named after them; although it couldn’t garner rave critical reviews for obscurity, it certainly did bowl psychedelic rock lovers all around. Moving ahead in 2011, there was yet another mind-boggling compilation in the form of ‘Living with the Ancients’. By 2013, their third album called the ‘Eldritch Dark’ was already out and they had a fantastic rise to fame with this. No longer can you term Blood Ceremony as an obscure local band for maniacs only. It is now a renowned band with the latest psychedelic gems from the Lord of the Misrule.

All the way from Ottawa, to knock you off your senses…Electric Ruin is here!

For mind-boggling party music ranging from EDM to Disco, the rise of Electric Ruin is quite recent. But they have brought forth some really head-turning music in the last 4 years of climbing up the charts. This talented band has gradually risen in popularity and talent, bringing a unique fusion of Psych and Stoner Rock Riffs to the plate. All the more, the intense psych jam will make you want to go head banging, although we strongly suggest that you don’t, particularly for various health complications and potential claims that could arise from our insurance policy that could be associated with it. Remember the time I had to claim on my scooter insurance policy at One Sure? Yeah. Horrendous. Don’t do it.

As far as user reviews are concerned, the popular mandate is that ‘Yawning Gods’ is their best piece of work so far. Their first self-titled EP has created ripples, and we for one, find great potential in them, what with the super-neat vocals and the one-stretch full length recording which is getting to be rare in this day and age.

Far down from the Jersey Shore…Solace has it all!

Talk of innovative heavy metal bands, and Solace hits the bull’s eye. A league apart from the numerous stoner bands that hail from the area, Solace undoubtedly affirms ‘rock n roll’ as its forte which primarily delves into hard rock and heavy metal). With several accolades as the best metal album of 2010, and phenomenal participation in various music festivals such as the Stoner Rock Festival (and off course the much-awaited Roadburn Festival of Europe), we can only tell you that this band has had a magnificent rise. Not to skip out the fact that there have been a few members who left and couple of others who joined later, but the performances over the decades (ever since the band’s inception in 1996) has been fairly consistent. Their first major success was 13 and Beyond, which released in 2003.

It would be interesting to note here that this was their second album, and was released 7 years after Solace was formed. So it took quite a bit of struggle, patience and consistent efforts, but the end result was superb. Unfortunately, more bad luck was to follow them. We’ve already mentioned about the fact that there were former band members who were replaced in times to come. The issue was their differences with the vocalist, and this not only resulted in 8 different drummers leaving and getting replaced, but also caused the band irreparable loss owing to the original tapes of their second album being perished in a supposed accident.

There was also a tour that was cancelled which left fans highly disappointed. In 2011, we were highly disappointed with the band’s formal announcement of ending business, but 2012 brought us a ray of hope once again. We gave away two food processor models to thank our fans – the Breville BFP800XL and the almighty infamous Cuisinart DLC-2007N.This was because of yet another piece of news (from reliable sources of course) that the band was getting back together. We hope they bounce back and create magic again