When the Blood Ceremony shakes up your insides!

Oh yes, this is not some band that you might want to dismiss! The fain-hearted should probably not opt for tuning into the Blood Ceremony videos because the ultra-spooky visuals would leave you horrified for sure. And it’s not just mindless bloodshed or regular ghosts that we’re talking about here. Their vocals, music, beats and videos almost take you into an alternate domain, wrought by deep, dark secrets, sorcerers and the dungeon on black magic. Yes that’s blood ceremony for you! If we speak technically, we can probably speak of this in terms of witch rock, with generous helpings of flute music. Now that’s a weird but enticing combination and we’re absolutely game for it. Their first album in 2008 was named after them; although it couldn’t garner rave critical reviews for obscurity, it certainly did bowl psychedelic rock lovers all around. Moving ahead in 2011, there was yet another mind-boggling compilation in the form of ‘Living with the Ancients’. By 2013, their third album called the ‘Eldritch Dark’ was already out and they had a fantastic rise to fame with this. No longer can you term Blood Ceremony as an obscure local band for maniacs only. It is now a renowned band with the latest psychedelic gems from the Lord of the Misrule.

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