Reviewed: Tombstones - Year Of The Burial

Mon, 12/03/2012 - 22:02 -- Robin
Tombstones is a stoner/ doom three-piece from norway, Year Of The Burial is the band's debut full-length released through the Dutch Soulseller Records on both CD & Vinyl.
Repetitive, hypnotizing, almost ritualistic and stoned as fuck. Somewhere between OM, Bongzilla and Sweden's S:T Erik. A heavily influenced sound that does what you would expect from this type of music. Slow, oozing HEAVINESS. 
Behind the colossal wall of sound the overall package comes a little muddy and "dry". There's no real edge apart from the crushing guitar work on Year Of The Burial. Not necessarily a bad thing, but somewhat forgettable when looking at the endless ocean of riffs out there. This is thick, almost droning stoner/ doom for diehard fans of the genre. Approach this beast with the right mindset and there is a lot to be found at the mountainous bong of these Norwegians. Stream the full album here.
Favorite tracks: Year Of The Burial, Quintessential.