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There are bands and solo artists who specialize in specific zones like psychedelic, trance, sludge and stoner, while there are others that do not warrant to any boundaries and go all out to experiment. We at Stonerobixxx let you bask in your creative freedom, and strive to bring out the very best in you. At the end of the day, great music and great talent needs to be encouraged and driven ahead. We humbly give you the platform. Go grab it!

Latest Underground Music News

More spook with Hallows Eve....

Hallows Eve can most certainly be termed as the Holy Grail for Thrash Metal Lovers. Often happening in the deep covenant of the Outer Banks in hidden secrecy, it’s a paradise that many of us will never experience. And the list doesn’t end here. This Atlanta-based heavy metal band...Read More »

When the Blood Ceremony shakes up your insides!

Oh yes, this is not some band that you might want to dismiss! The fain-hearted should probably not opt for tuning into the Blood Ceremony videos because the ultra-spooky visuals would leave you horrified for sure. And it’s not just mindless bloodshed or regular ghosts that we’re talking about here....Read More »

All the way from Ottawa, to knock you off your senses...Electric Ruin is here!

For mind-boggling party music ranging from EDM to Disco, the rise of Electric Ruin is quite recent. But they have brought forth some really head-turning music in the last 4 years of climbing up the charts. This talented band has gradually risen in popularity and talent, bringing a unique...Read More »

Far down from the Jersey Shore...Solace has it all!

Talk of innovative heavy metal bands, and Solace hits the bull’s eye. A league apart from the numerous stoner bands that hail from the area, Solace undoubtedly affirms ‘rock n roll’ as its forte which primarily delves into hard rock and heavy metal). With several accolades as the best metal...Read More »